Monday, December 23rd, 2013

Holiday Message: Happy Holidays!

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While we spend each and every day focusing on giving our customers the best-in-class support, it is YOU we wish to thank for YOUR continued support throughout the year!

Our team is excited to continue to evolve and develop new programs and systems that increase our service to you in 2014.

We wish you, as part of our extended PublicSchoolWORKS family, and a very happy, warm and SAFE holiday season!


Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Industry News: PSW Sweeps Education and Customer Service Awards

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Every year, District Administration asks readers to nominate the products that positively impact their school environment for the Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products Awards. Thanks to YOUR nominations, the EmployeeSafe Suite was selected as a Top 100 Product!

This is the fifth consecutive year the EmployeeSafe Suite has won this award, and the sixth such award PSW has earned, further emphasizing the PublicSchoolWORKS goal to completely serve our customers’ needs to reduce their time spent administering safety programs, while improving the efficiencies and effectiveness of their programs. Thank you for your continued support – it is GREATLY appreciated!


Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Product Highlight: OSHA 300 Reporting System

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Attention all OSHA states: Completed OSHA 300 Reports are due!

Make this tedious and time-consuming process easier and more efficient with our OSHA 300 Reporting System. This online system keeps districts in compliance with all appropriate state and federal reporting requirements, and includes both automated and manual tools. The OSHA 300 AutoComplete tool is integrated with the EmployeeSafe Suite Accident Management System, allowing it to pull any reportable accidents for the OSHA Reports immediately. OSHA 300 AutoComplete’s processing mechanism ensures that only reportable accidents are documented, saving administrators time in creating the reports. The OSHA 300 ManualComplete is useful for districts that started using the OSHA 300 Reporting System mid-year. This manual entry tool seamlessly integrates data with the AutoComplete tool.


Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Safety Reminder: Preparing Your School for Winter Break

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With Winter Break fast approaching, it is imperative to prepare buildings for days of vacancy. Save money on utilities and potential maintenance by completing the following steps:

Turn down building thermostats to 58 degrees Fahrenheit to save on heating bills, while preventing pipes from freezing.
Turn off all lights and electronics.
Remove all trash to avoid molds, insects and odors.
Properly store all lunchroom food to prevent molding, insects and odors
Clean out teachers’ lounge refrigerators (if applicable).
Check security cameras to ensure they work.
Charge AEDs and replace smoke detector batteries.
Take this time to complete tasks that cannot be done while students are in school (run IT diagnostics on hardware, exterminate/fumigate, etc.).